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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supports, and serves at the pleasure of, the Board. The purpose of the Governance Committee is to seek qualified candidates to serve as President-Elect and Directors of the Board, and evaluate and make recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the Board. The focus of the Governance Committee is Board Succession Planning and is implemented as follows:

Board Composition

  1. Leads in assessing current and anticipated needs for future Board composition, such as the knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities and influence in the community to be considered by the Board in connection with anticipated work of the Board.

  2. Develops a profile of the Board as it should evolve over time.

  3. In cooperation with the Board president, meets with each Board member as needed to assess her or his continuing interest in Board membership and term of service.

Board Nominations

  1. Takes the lead in succession planning for the Board; recruits future Board leadership.

  2. Assists in identifying potential Board member candidates and explores with each candidate her or his interest in and availability for Board service.

  3. Manages the nominating process; reviews candidates’ qualifications; prepares a slate of candidates pursuant to CREW EB by-laws.


Team and Committee Leadership

  1. Initiates, with the president-elect, succession planning for team and committee leadership positions.

  2. Reviews succession planning results and makes recommendations as needed.

  3. Recommends succession planning strategies from time to time, which may include, but is not limited to, developing materials or programs to assist with succession planning.